Proxies integration with web browsers

Proxies are given to customers form private proxy providers, who maintain large servers containing thousands of random IP addresses. These proxies aren’t linked to all sorts of areas, in many countries and are designed to hide the customer’s identity from the internet. These proxies have instructions that allow the customers access to use them through certain programs such as web browers. Every web browser gives someone the option to browse the internet through a proxy connection. This allows anonymity and secure web page connection that can prove useful for information gathering and safe site browsing. There are many advanced options within every web browser that allow for you to add information for a proxy server to operate as your IP. Each browser has a slightly different operation to get this working. You can view SearchScrape’s instructions to set up proxies for some of the most common web browsers in the world today, at the Proxy Instruction page

Uses for proxies

Proxies have uses in all sorts of situations. With the world becoming more and more connected through the internet, and more businesses are merging within it as well. Of course, with all of this connection, security is of huge importance to both the businesses, and the users. Businesses can use proxies to shield their company’s network during extensive usage, to avoid the millions, if not billions of malware and tracking software that can link to your IP address. When a large company uses heaps of data and go through information, chances of tracking or having your privacy invaded increases. Proxies can shield your identity from all of these intruders.

This also is an importance for a customer or someone just roaming the internet for their own personal uses. Internet business sometimes trace your IP and keep an eye on what you’re doing, what you’re buying, and may to try and advertise things for you to see in hopes you’ll buy their products. Some other people can trace you IP for more malicious purposes as well. That’s why a proxy can be used for security and with websites that you don’t want bombarding you with information and tracking you.