The Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

SearchScrape proxies have now been upgraded to support HTTPS along with HTTP. But what does this mean, exactly?


What is HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is used by computers to communicate with each other, and has been common place for a while. The issue with this mode of transportation is that it isn’t secure. If there is any system in between the two communicating computers, it can easily read the data passing between them. HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is designed to make the process that HTTP already ran, more safe. Critical data such as passwords and other user information can be transferred safely back and forth with little risk of it being discovered. How is this done? HTTPS uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to lock up the information between communicating servers. The systems on both end agree on a code that only they can both understand. This means that even if information is intercepted by a malicious system, it would be read as complete nonsense and be unusable. Once the information reaches the other end, it is translated back into a usable code. So, what does this mean for proxies? Having HTTPS proxies basically lets you use SearchScrape proxies in more places, and therefore allowing more security and freedom for your anonymous proxy.

SearchScrape’s NEW System

For several years now SearchScrape has been proving some of the cheapest anonymous proxies available in the U.S. and now with some remodeling ,SearchScrape is working to become the easiest to use proxy service. Our new user panel is going to be activated for both new customers and old, with each account getting new information such as a user ID and user KEY. These will be used for accessing SearchScrape’s new proxy platform, that will allow for users to easily change options on their own at any time they so choose. The panel will have a simple ID and KEY login for customers, that will take them to a page to review several different customization options. Here you will be able to set your access IP, swap out IPs for new ones if you decide, access fast support, and more!