Class B Address Space Rental

Because I will still have a lease on the IP blocks I use, and own the equipment, I’ve decided to offer the following:

Anyone interested in the class B block I will lease the proxies to you for $0.10 per IP. There are a total of 249 class Cs. The total is $6,374.4

You will be the only person able to use those 62,000+ IPs for the specific purpose / sites you provide.

Email me if you are interested, and the list of sites you’d want it for. You can do specific domains, or specific companies. Feel free to ask any additional questions as well.

You will be the only one using the whole class B block for that purpose. There will be no overlap allowed. So it will remain good for as long as you don’t burn it out.

It will be on a monthly basis. I won’t force any sort of long term contracts or anything,