How do businesses use anonymous proxies?

A proxy can have many different uses. First and foremost it is used as security barrier from those who might want to figure out who you are and what you are up to. With no one knowing who you are, it can be extremely difficult (though not impossible) to track your activities. This also comes in handy for business trying to obtain more information about their competitors. As your search things on the internet, Google will keep track of the search queries from your IP address. After searching several different topics, Google will adjust what links are shown in your next search based off of what links you have previously clicked on. This is used to help users find information relevant to their interests, and while this is a very useful feature, it is not something businesses always care for. When a business is using an anonymous proxy to hide their IP address, Google will be unable to track pastsearch history. This way search queries always end up being unbiased and unaffected by previous searches. Companies use this tactic to find relevant and up-to-date information about competing companies. IP addresses that take the appearance of originating from another country can also help business find out more about their potential international customers.