How proxies affects internet searches

If you use the internet a lot, and visit a lot of social sites and search engines like Google, you’ll start to find advertisements appearing that relate very closely to some of your recent searches. This same idea is also used across Google, but more subtly. Based off of your previous search queries, and even your place of residence, Google changes it’s results to hopefully give you something related to what you like. This is a useful feature, and many people enjoy this aspect of newer search engines. But for people running a large online business, this can be not helpful for several reasons. Large businesses usually have a network or team of people dedicated to finding out more about competing businesses or to learn more about how they stack up in the line. If many people are working from a network, they will appear as a single IP. As they look more for more information, the results will quickly skew and change, and will begin to differentiate from something a customer might find searching for your company’s product the first time. Having a pool of anonymous IPs allows for each search to appear as a first search, forcing Google to give you completely unbiased information. IPs can even be disguised to appear as a computer system from another country, which can give companies valuable information on how they appear to customers overseas. Anonymous proxy packages allow for business to be more prepared for the future. If you are interested in anonymous proxies visit SearchScrapes Order Form!