Proxy Instructions

SearchScrape’s proxies work with almost anything that allow you to specify a proxy. Each program has a different way of implementing a proxy. We have several helpful, simple pages to help you get started on some of the most common programs.

How to use proxies in Chrome


How to use proxies in Mozilla Firefox


How to use proxies in Internet Explorer


How to use proxies with PHP coding


How to use proxies with Java coding


After you purchase you will be given an IP and a port that will be your proxy, and will not change. It will act like a simple HTTP 1.0 proxy. All cookies and headers are passed along. An individual request may take up to 45 seconds to respond, so make sure you set your timeouts high. It is usually best to start small, making a few requests per second, and move higher. Too many requests too quickly can cause your server to choke and not respond quickly.