SEO Hosting & C Class IPs

Search Engine Optimization, (Or S.E.O.) is the process of using competitive keywords and intelligent site organization to attract organic views from potential customers. As long as search engines have been around, people have been looking for effective ways to make their website become more prominent in searches from customers.  Eventually, SEO hosting companies began to appear around the internet, with a variety of SEO hosting packages. SEO hosting gives the buyer access to many different C-Class IPs to use in their networks or blog farms.

But what is a C-Class IP?

Every computer and website has an IP address, just like any building or house has a street address. An IP address is what is seen by every site you access, so sites know who you are and search engines will track usage to make sure there isn’t any spamming or malicious activity coming from that address.

There are 4 sets of numbers in every IP address that are different for each computer. An IP address looks like this:

The first set (38) is the “A” Class, the second set (72) is the “B” Class, the third set (72) is the “C” Class, and the last set (100) being the “D” Class.

Within data centers and local networks, when they are being hosted by normal web hosting sites, the “C” Class of the IP addresses for every server will remain the same. If search engines such as Google notice that there is high activity from IPs that all contain the same C-Class IP, your IP could be blocked from searches, or is some extreme cases Google will de-index your site.

SEO hosting providers give you access to multiple C-Class IPs to help you get around this roadblock.  With unique IP addresses from an SEO web host, business can have networks working all at once without being viewed as a single entity from a search engine such as Google or Yahoo!