SEO & PPC Data

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two different ways to gain attention to your sites on search engines.

SEO is used to achieve views from organic traffic. This means getting the attention of viewers who visit your site by clicking the link in a search. Gaining attention this way will gain higher page recognition on search engines. Increasing views this way raises your chances to be on the front page when someone searches your keywords.

PPC is paying to have your site broadcasted in the advertisement sections of search engines. You only pay if your links are clicked on, and if you get a high amount of traffic, it can get expensive quick. The goal for PPC is to have almost every person who clicks the link to buy your featured products and services.

Using an anonymous proxy, your searches and website clicks will not be traced, and your search results will always remain objective. You can even view differences in search queries based off of different countries, and study how your site gains visitors from an international level.  Social media sites and search engines also study how many views there are from an IP address. If your business does a lot of work in these areas, several people will be working from the same IP. Search Engines and social media may detect this excessive usage, and may be incorrectly seen as spamming or malicious activity, and shut out your IP from seeing these pages again.

If an anonymous proxy seems right for you, take a look at the Order Form and pick what plan works for you!