What are Private Proxies?

A private proxy is an intermediary between you and the computer you are trying to get in contact with. Every computer on the internet has a unique IP address, similar to a street address. This is the address every other computer or website will see you as. But in certain cases, when you need your internet identity to be hidden, or you don’t want websites collecting information on you, purchasing a private proxy can provide a solution. When using a private proxy, your internet communications are sent to the proxy, and the proxy will randomly select one of its available IP addresses to communicate for you.  The websites or servers you communicate with see only the proxy IP address, and your IP address remains hidden behind the proxy. In this way, an anonymizing proxy keeps your IP address private and not visible to the internet.  There are many proxy sites available, with varying purchasing choices. People usually try to find the cheapest private proxy, or in some cases, people will place a premium on finding the fastest anonymous proxy. Businesses need the best of both these worlds, especially when a large amount of information needs to be processed.